The Noori video blogs, bomb phatta song and more tech talk

The Pakistani band Noori has been posting video blogs on their website


The blogs offer a candid inside look at the life of a band. Please have a look see and do write and let me know (on your blogs) what you think about blogging as a media form, compared it to twitter and facebook and let me have a nice post with your reflection about blogs.


Meanwhile, have you checked out the Bum Phatta song? What do you think about it? What issues does it raise? What are some issues of representation that it raises, for instance by its choice of language and metapohors? I would like you to analyse the lyrics of this song and place them in the context of Ali Azmat’s past work.


Finally, I’m a little behind the times and was super surprised today when I realized that iphones not only take some really nice photos, you can actually photoshop your pictures on your iphone. Simultaneously, you couldn’t possibly have missed the heavily advertised new nokia phone that can apparently edit video for you.

So, I want you to think about technology, media making and distribution. How is the model of media that consisted of broadcasting changing? And what are the implications of these new technologies: cell phones that allow you to capture and manipulate media content as well as distribute it via YouTube or your blog etc.

This is an important question for you to spend some time thinking about because the OCR is very likely at some point in the next two years to ask you an exam question about how technology helped or hindered you and also how technology is changing media- uses, users, makers and texts.

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