Students’ pet themes

Monday’s are horror days, I always come in expecting an avalanche of student work to look at and instead find that I must prod and push as nothing much has been accomplished over the weekend and students seem too relaxed to be allowed.

Somtimes I wonder if the students are taking this seriously.

Some observations that might help: This is not a new observation, I’ve noticed it before with freshmen at an art school where I taught some years ago- perhaps its because of their age, but students seem inordinately drawn to macabre topics: death, kidnapping, divorce, mental insanity. It seems impossible to convince them that it is possible that issues that they have known well can be effective too, for instance, bullying, exam pressure, peer pressure, mean students, cliques in school, teachers, discipline, grade pressure, worrying about the future etc.

The truth can be so much more effective than melodrama- but perhaps it is no wonder students are drawn to the dramatic, the melodramatic, the grim.


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